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Changing the world from disposable to reusable one meal at a time.

Company Process

How It Works

The OZZI Solution is a closed loop system that begins with a participant receiving a container by either a one time purchase to get into the program or being granted their first container by dining services. The participant will fill their container with food, and eat in, or take their meal to go.

Once they finish their meal, they return their used O2GO container to an OZZI machine, where the container is dropped into a collection cart, which creates an easy system for dining services to clean them, then the participant is then issued a token or credit by their return.

The next time they would like to use O2GO, they give the cashier their token or swipe their card and receive a new container.

OZZI System Highlights:

  • Reduces landfill waste
  • Saves waste hauling costs
  • Eliminates paper and foam containers
  • Cuts down on staff interaction
  • User and Operational friendly
  • Made in the USA

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OZZI Machine

OZZI is at the forefront of sustainability with a patented, comprehensive food collection system for replacing disposables. It creates accountability and making a collective difference to the sustainable accumulation of waste developing around the word.

Our collection machine allows for 24/7 use with minimal staff monitoring and employee interaction necessary for container returns. Combined with our Technical Support and Maintenance Program, the OZZI machine runs daily self checks to ensure proper operation, as well as detailed reports, usage details and alerts.

A commercial dishwasher is needed to properly clean the containers. The machine and cart system make it easy to transport the used containers to be cleaned.

Machine's assembled in RI, supported nationwide, and manufactured in the USA.

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OZZI Machine
OZZI Containers

O2GO Container

With an ultimate end-goal of a zero-waste society, reusable to-go containers are more beneficial compared to compostable or recyclables for lowering waste and emissions, and moving towards a sustainable world with a decreased dependency on fossil fuels.

Approximately five million containers to-date have been averted from landfills and oceans, which is only the beginning of the impact OZZI® will have on reducing waste. The OZZI® system and O2GO® Reusable Food Containers are a cost-effective alternative to single use, to-go containers, for all operational sectors across the country and abroad.

OZZI O2GO© Highlights

  • The O2GO© container line is formed with at least 30% recycled pre-consumer #5 polypropylene plastic
  • Containers are 100% recyclable, meaning that once an O2GO container has become worn down from repeated use, the #5 plastic can be melted down and remade into other recycled material products
  • With each O2GO container reaching up to 300 uses, recyclable becomes greatly more sustainable that a compostable option
  • Made in the USA

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O2GO Collection Cart

Featuring a durable steel frame construction and commercial grade washable vinyl exterior. Our removable cart is customized to fit into the bottom of the OZZI Machine. Carts are fitted with liner bags for easy cleanup and secure loading. Each collection cart holds 125+ reusable eco-containers. Carts are on wheels to make it easy to transport to the containers to the dishwasher for cleaning. We recommend having 2 carts with one in the machine and one available to swap in.

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OZZI Collection Bin
OZZI Containers

Technical Support &
Maintenance Program

Ongoing maintenance and reporting are key to keeping your OZZI Machine current and operational for its intended purpose. With our Technical Support and Maintenance Program, you can preserve the value of your investment and ensure continued operation. The OZZI Machine operates 24x7 and already runs daily self-checks to ensure proper operations.

If an issue arises, we’ll get your OZZI Machine back up and running quickly – limiting downtime and overall impact to your environment. Our plans include:

  • Reporting & Device Analytics via email to key personnel
  • System Alerts & Notices – box is full, low or out of tokens, or operational issues
  • Software patches, releases, upgrades and updates to machine firmware
  • Remote troubleshooting and support for operational issues – Machine maintains secure wired/wireless connection to the OZZI Management Cloud
  • Prompt problem diagnosis, root cause analysis and corrective actions through a secure connection to your OZZI Machine
  • Case management metrics to help repeat issues and employee training

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