Changing the world from disposable to reusable, one meal at a time.

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The OZZI Savings Calculator is the ultimate tool for saving and increasing the sustainability of your dining solutions. It is a fast and easy-to-use system that will get the job done efficiently.

The OZZI system pays for itself by reducing costs by eliminating disposable products and replacing them with 100% reusable ones. In addition, O2GO reusable containers eliminate the cost and volume of paper and foam products typically found in service operations, lessening the dependency on fossil fuels and reducing carbon footprints.

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Why Choose OZZI?

OZZI is a one-of-its-kind revolutionary system that is changing the world by eliminating traditional disposable take-out containers for all food-service industry segments by utilizing enhanced technology.

OZZI edges others by using state-of-the-art technology to ensure that disposable take-out and other reusable containers are put to eco-friendly use.

This has made us the leading partner for all that are concerned with ecological balance. Whether it is a college, university campus or business facilities such as hotels, restaurants, food courts, supermarkets, quick service, sports centers, and entertainment venues – OZZI is the perfect partner for all.

OZZI is making a difference in the US by changing our society from a disposable one into a nation that recognizes its part to play in ensuring that this great country meets its current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. This is making America a nation that is devoted to more sustainable and ecologically minded reusable containers.

The success of the OZZI brand is a win for all; our team, our partners, and the society at large. As of today, OZZI is responsible for averting an estimated 25 million disposable containers to date.

Everything about OZZI can be captured with these five points;

  • Saving the world
  • Providing accountability
  • Lowering operational cost
  • Exceeding health standards
  • Eliminating waste from single-use disposables
  • Engaging customers

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Quick Facts to Know About OZZI

The OZZI system, through a reduction in operations cost

  • Eliminates disposable products by replacing them with 100% reusable products
  • Creates a simple, cost-effective exchange for its participants
  • Minimal staff monitoring and employee interaction necessary
  • O2GO reusable containers eliminate the cost and volume of paper foam products often associated with food service operations, lessening the dependency on fossil fuels and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • O2GO reusable containers minimize landfill waste, thus saving money on waste hauling
  • The OZZI system is the only patented process to collect and redeem reusable products

Proudly Made in the USA

We are pleased and excited to announce that the OZZI O2GO line was granted full approval by the NSF in our annual audit. We are proud to say that our products are made in the United States of America, reusable containers along with our patented OZZI collection system, having met NSF standards and certification.

Whatever you need, we are here to provide you; OZZI is just one click away from delivering the best reusable services to you and your organization. Let us know what you need. We have items in stock and ready to ship.

Due to the number of requests for our line of O2GO reusable and recyclable containers and utensils, we are making it easy for you to reach us here and order straight away. The Made in the USA products are ready to be delivered without the need for OZZI machines if you are looking for a safe meal in your home, campus, cafeteria, organization, or restaurant.

OZZI is your number one choice for sustainability in the United States of America. Simply put, we are changing the world from disposable to reusable with one meal, one Container at a time. Be a part of the movement towards sustainability by choosing any of the solutions offered by OZZI today.

Learn more about OZZI, resources provided by OZZI and upcoming events hosted by the organization. With partners like Northland College, the University of Memphis, University of Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, University of San Diego, Chestnut Hill College, Moravian College, St Catherine University, Faith Baptist Bible College, Northern Arizona University, RI School of Design, Tulane University, University of New Mexico, University of Redlands, Washington State University and many more across the United States, OZZI is proud partners with leading institutions in the country.

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